What Are Some Common Brake Problems?

common-brake-problems Credit: kadmy/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Some common brake problems include a soft brake pedal, a car pulling to one side, a pedal sinking to the floor, a brake pedal pulsation or vibration, and the brake pedal being too firm. Brakes whining or squealing, dragging and making a clunking sound are other common brake problems.

A spongy or soft brake pedal is the most common brake problem in vehicles. The problem manifests itself when a brake is too soft when stepped on. This means the driver must step on the brake until it nearly reaches the floor for the vehicle stop. If this problem persists, the pedal may reach the floor without stopping the car.

Another common brake problem is brake pedal being too firm. The problem is brought about by a brake line obstruction or vacuum problems in the braking system. In this case the driver must step on the brake harder in order to stop the vehicle.

Pedal vibration is common for those people whose cars are equipped with anti-lock brakes. The braking system vibrates to keep it from locking up. However, vibrations in the pedal may also be caused by worn-out front suspensions or bad brake pads. Drivers should take brake problems seriously, and have the brakes checked as soon as possible if they are making a squealing or clunking sound, vibrating, or moving too much or too little in response to use.