What Are Some Common Boat Names?


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There are many common boat names including Serenity, Island Times, Second Wind, Seas the Day and The Good Life. Other frequently used names include Aquaholic, Dream Weaver, Liberty, Serendipity and The Black Pearl. Burgees.com keeps track of the top 10 boat names registered every year.

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What Are Some Common Boat Names?
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Naming a boat allows its owner to communicate its identity to the Coast Guard and other ships. This can be especially important if the boat gets lost or has an emergency while at sea.

Traditionally, boats have been named after women. There are three main theories as to why this is true. The first theory involves the ancient goddesses. Some people believe boats were named after goddesses to earn their protection and see them safely home.

The second theory can be traced back to the 17th century when sailors carved wooden figureheads, often of naked women, onto the front of their ships. These figureheads were seen as spirits that calmed the oceans, and the boats were named after them.

Finally, in most European languages, nouns are assigned genders. One theory holds that boats are often assigned to the female gender in these languages and thus may be more likely to receive feminine names in those cultures.

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