What Are Some Common Biker Nicknames for Men?

Male biker nicknames can vary depending on the personality of the man and the story behind the nickname. Some of the most popular nicknames include the words "Crazy," "Wild," "Big," or "Little," followed by the biker's first name. Animal nicknames are popular, such as "Dog" or "Bear," as well as occupational nicknames, such as "Doc" or "Butcher." Other popular nicknames are inspired by death and crime, including "Slash," "Killer" and "Skull."

As detailed by ThrottleX, biker nicknames are more meaningful when there are stories behind them. For example, a biker might be known for speeding on his motorcycle, which could inspire the nickname "Rev." Additionally, many bikers name themselves after the type of motorcycle they drive. Others appropriate nicknames from history and the world around them by using names such as "Rebel," "Yankee," "Comrade" and even "Hitler," according to a poem at Free Riders Press.

Catchy or rhyming nicknames are also popular, including names like "Bed Head." Common food nicknames include "Burrito," "Brew" and "Taco." A good nickname should be two to three syllables maximum to be easy to pronounce and remember. Once a biker decides on a nickname, he should only introduce himself by that name in order to establish the nickname with his friends and strangers, says ThrottleX.