What Are Some Common Auto Transmission Problems With Saturns?


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Some of the most common auto transmission problems for Saturn vehicles are transmission faults caused by a faulty clutch wave plate inside the gearbox. This problem most commonly affects the Saturn Outlook, Aura and Vie models. Another common problem is a transmission fluid leak common to SL2 and SC2 models.

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Any Saturn vehicle with a six-speed automatic transmission is liable to develop a transmission fault stemming from a broken clutch wave plate located inside the transmission. This problem usually causes the vehicle's "check engine" light to turn on, producing one of seven errors codes. This problem manifests itself through gear slipping between the 3rd and 5th gears, or through the loss of the vehicle's reverse gear.

Owners of Saturn automobiles must have a qualified professional remove and disassemble the transmission to replace the wave plate. This problem most commonly affects vehicles produced in the late 2000s, although users have reported it happening to the 2003 Saturn Vue.

Many Saturn vehicles feature a faulty rubber section on the automatic transmission cooler line. This section of hose is susceptible to leakage, requiring the owner to have a mechanic replace the cooler line. This particular problem most commonly affects Saturn models manufactured between the years 1991 and 2002.

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