What Are Some Common Answers to Driving Test Questions?


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Most driver's test questions are multiple choice, answered by selecting among options provided. If asked what to do when roads are slippery, the correct answer is "avoid turning or stopping fast." "When it may prevent a collision" answers the question of when is it appropriate to use the horn.

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What Are Some Common Answers to Driving Test Questions?
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Asked for the meaning of a triangle-shaped sign with YIELD in the middle, the answer is "let traffic on the road you're crossing or entering go first." Presented with a diamond-shaped sign with a person walking at its center, the correct meaning is "there is a pedestrian crosswalk ahead."

Among three choices--look in the side mirrors, look over your shoulder into the lane you're entering or turn your head and look over your right shoulder--the correct selection in response to a question regarding how to make sure a lane is clear before changing lanes is "look over your shoulder into the lane you're entering." If asked when the car's wheels should not be pointed straight ahead, the correct answer is "when the car is parked on a hill or slope."

Each state driver's license exam includes questions specific to the state's traffic laws. Studying the state's driver's manual and taking advantage of online practice tests provided by many states are essential to being properly prepared.

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