What Is a Commercial Truck Price Guide?


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A commercial truck price guide is a resource that allows the researcher to peruse possible commercial truck purchases; its focus is those trucks typically supplied for industrial or other professional use. Truck Blue Book and Commercial Truck Trader are two examples that, as of 2015, supply archives online.

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Commercial truck price guides usually have a series of filters that allow users to specify the type of truck, price limit and options they are interested in. For example, Commercial Truck Trader offers an initial screen where the user can first select whether to look for a new or previously owned vehicle. Next, he can set the filter for the class of truck desired, along with the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVR).

Additional information and or features offered by guides include the mileage of proposed vehicles, components adjustments made and a range of makes or models. Many also feature search engines that highlight sales of commercial trucks occurring within set distances of a chosen location, which the buyer can widen or narrow as required.

Some guides, such as Truck Blue Book, require subscription fees in order to access their materials. In return, this particular service provides 24/7 access to its archive and quarterly updates of the information contained within. Other price guides, including NADA guides, come in the form of hard copy periodicals that are updated up to 12 times per calendar year.

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