What Comes in the FW1 Exterior Wash and Wax Detailing Kit?


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The FW1 Exterior Wash and Wax Detailing Kit generally includes three cans of FW1 Waterless Wash and Wax and one can of TS2 Touchless Tire Shine. RGS Labs, Inc., the company which produces FW1 Wash and Wax, also offers a full interior and exterior detail kit on its website.

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This kit includes one can each of FW1 and TS2, as well as one can of GP3 General Purpose and one can of CU4 Carpet and Upholstery.

FW1 Exterior Wash and Wax is an aerosol based cleaning wax, which claims to allow users to wash and wax an entire vehicle in under 30 minutes. The wax is meant to be sprayed on to the vehicle and then wiped off, meaning it requires no water or buffing to achieve both a clean and shiny car. However, the company does recommend to rinse off any excess dirt or mud before using the wax.

The TS2 Touchless Tire Shine is meant to coat tires in a protective layer that helps prevent damage, such as cracking, fading or drying, while also making the tires bright and shiny. The product can be used on any other rubber surfaces, such as trim, flaps or bumpers. RGS Labs claims that the product's special formula helps prevent residual spray from hitting the vehicle's painted surfaces.

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