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Nebraska Tire, Michelin and Tire Town all offer tires for agricultural vehicles, including combines. Michelin manufactures two types of combine tire, while Tire Town offers its customers access to 11 different combine tire sizes, both used and new.

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Some example prices for combine tires from Tire Town include $590 for a new 18.4 x 26 6-ply tire and $350 for a used version of the same tire. A 10-ply tire of the same size costs $700 new and $450 used. A 24.5 x 32 10-ply tire costs $1120 new and $610 used, while a 12-ply tire of the same size costs $1240 new and $650 used. Tire Town used tires have 80 percent remaining tread or better.

The two tire models that Michelin offers are the Michelin Cerexbib and the Michelin Megaxbib. Michelin designed both to reduce soil compaction and improve profitability, but the Megaxbib offers the lowest rate of soil compaction of the two.

Nebraska Tire carries a large selection of farm implement tires, including combine tires from a variety of brands, such as New Radial and Mitas. Nebraska Tire carries Mitas Premium 800/65R32 overstock tires as of December 2015 and charges $2395 for them. The company also carries discounted overstock tires from Agri Trac at prices between $479 and $1359, depending on ply and size.

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