What Colors Do James Hardie Sidings Come In?

What Colors Do James Hardie Sidings Come In?

James Hardie brand siding comes in a variety of colors including different shades of tan, gray, blue, green, brown and red. The availability of certain colors of siding is location-specific. James Hardie's website, Jameshardie.com, prompts customers to enter a zip code to see siding colors available in a specific area.

James Hardie's signature product is siding that is composed of fiber cement as opposed to standard vinyl or wood. The benefits of this unique type of siding include durability, resistance to extreme weather conditions, and ease of upkeep.

James Hardie siding comes in different variations, each intended to complement certain types of homes. All types of siding are available in a number of unique colors. Customers can utilize a home color tool on the James Hardie website to view potential colors and visualize the outcome.

The cedarmill siding recreates the feel and texture of wood. A second option is basic smooth siding. Both variations come with the option of beaded edging.

Another offering of James Hardie is their line of shingles, which can be staggered, straight, or with a rounded edge.

James Hardie's vertical siding is available in smooth and wood grain finishes as well as in stucco.

In addition to siding, James Hardie offers other related products including panels, boards and weather barrier.