What Are the Codes for Vehicle Diagnostics?


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The codes for vehicle diagnostics include coolant sensor trouble codes, rich trouble codes and misfire trouble codes. Other vehicle diagnostic codes are oxygen sensor trouble codes, manifold absolute pressure sensor trouble codes, throttle position trouble sensor codes and lean trouble codes.

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What Are the Codes for Vehicle Diagnostics?
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Codes for vehicle diagnostics is a set of numbers that correspond to the defects they represent. They are used as a basis for diagnosing the vehicle problem. When the onboard diagnostic system of the vehicle detects a problem, it triggers the Check Engine Light to turn on, signalling the car owner that there is a problem. The onboard diagnostic system creates a code that corresponds to the problem. A code reader or a scan tool can then be connected to the car's onboard diagnostic system to display the code so that an appropriate service can be effected.

While coolant sensor trouble codes range from P0115 to P0119 and are caused by static engine readings despite the engine warm-up, out of range temperature readings, lack of sensor signal or engine overheat, rich trouble codes result from faulty oxygen sensor, too much fuel pressure and insufficient air inlet, and they include P0172 and P0175. Misfire trouble codes on the other hand range from P0301 to P0312 and also include P0300. The former set corresponds to misfire in specific cylinders while the latter corresponds to random misfire.

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