How Do You Find CNG Stations Near You?

The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy of the United States Department of Energy maintains the Alternative Fuels Data Center, which helps locate the nearest fueling station location for compressed natural gas, or CNG. Similar services are available from other websites, such as CNGnow.

The Alternative Fuels Data Center highlights the location of each CNG fueling station in the U.S. on a map, with the option to zoom in and out. Follow these steps below to find a local CNG fueling station.

  1. Access the Alternative Fuels Data Center
  2. Go to the Alternative Fuels Data Center's website by using a browser.

  3. Enter location
  4. Enter an address, ZIP code or state name in the empty field. Select "Compressed Natural Gas" from the drop-down menu.

  5. Customize search filters
  6. Click the "More Search Options" link for additional filters to search based on private and planned stations, owner type, payment accepted, distance, fill type, vehicle accessibility and fill pressure. Click the "Go" button to search for CNG fueling stations.

  7. Review the results
  8. The results provide the name of the station and brief information about it, such as its address, phone number and distance. Click the link for a particular station to access detailed information about it.