What Is a Clutch Pedal Assembly?


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The clutch pedal assembly is a set of parts that includes the clutch pedal and the bushings that hold the pedal in place. It may also include the pushrod that connects the pedal to the hydraulic master cylinder or a connected slave cylinder on aftermarket models. The assembly allows drivers to quickly disengage the clutch to shift gears at the correct speed and revolutions per minute, and vehicles with automatic transmissions do not have a clutch pedal assembly.

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The most basic clutch pedal assembly consists of a single length of metal with a flat rubberized facing. The rubberized facing ensures traction as drivers depress the pedal, and the metal shaft on the pedal connects directly with a pushrod that increases pressure on the hydraulic master cylinder when depressed. Many assemblies feature pinch-style bushings that hold the pedal assembly in place and make it easy to remove. Some also include a specialized or universal pushrod when purchased as a complete assembly kit.

On vehicles with manual transmissions, drivers must disengage the clutch before using a shifter to change gears. A functional pedal assembly makes this a simple job, but a faulty clutch pedal assembly can result in incorrect pressure on the clutch of the vehicle, which can lead to severe damage and wear over time.

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