How Do You Find Club Car Serial Numbers?


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Serial numbers on DS, Carryall and LSV models that were manufactured after 1981 are located above the accelerator pedal. They are printed on a bar code decal. To locate serial numbers on Club Precedent models of Club Cars that were manufactured between 2004 and 2007, find a bar code decal that is attached to the inner dash on the passenger's side, and locate the number on it.

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To find a serial number on a Club Car that was manufactured between 1975 and 1980, remove the seat bottom assembly, and find an I-beam. It should be on the inside of the battery bank on the driver's side. Examine the I-beam for the number; it consists of one letter and several numbers with no spaces or hyphens.

Serial numbers of Club Car Precedent models that were manufactured after 2008 are located on bar code decals that are attached under the cup holders on the passenger side. On some cars, the decals are located above one of the pedals.

Serial numbers of cars that were manufactured after 1981 consist of letters and numbers; the first one or two letters stand for the model of the car. Four numbers following the letters indicate the year and week when the car was manufactured. Six numbers that follow the hyphen are the sequential numbers that are specific to only one car that was built that year.

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