How do you clean a Yamaha carburetor?


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To clean a Yamaha carburetor, detach it from the vehicle, drain any fuel, and disassemble the piece. Use a cleaning spray, compressed air, wire brush and a mixture of water and Yamaha Carburetor Dip to clean the various parts of the carburetor. After cleaning, dry the carburetor parts, reassemble, and reinstall on the vehicle.

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After detaching the Yamaha carburetor from the two-wheeler, remove the drain screw of the float bowl located at the carburetor's bottom. Keep a container beneath the carburetor to catch the fuel being drained out.

To disassemble the carburetor, take out the jets, floats and chokes, and note their orientation and position, to make reassembling easier. Take out the needle, diaphragm and spring from the carburetor's top.

Spray cleaner on the housing of the carburetor and the jets. Scrub the housing with a wire brush. Insert the brush's bristle into the jets to clean them. Blow compressed air in the fuel passages and the jets to clear any debris present in them.

Mix water and Yamaha Carburetor Dip in a ratio of 33:66. Place the housing of the carburetor and its metal parts individually in metal cans, and cover each with the dip mixture. Bring the mixture close to a boil using a hot plate. Keep the carburetor components in the hot mixture for around 5 to 10 minutes. Remove from the mixture, and let the components dry. Finally, reassemble and reattach.

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