How Do You Clean Vinyl Boat Seats?

The best way to clean vinyl boat seats is to use a solution of water and mild soap, and scrub with a soft cloth or sponge. Cleansers specifically labeled as safe for use on vinyl are also suitable.

Prevention is the best way to keep vinyl boat seats clean. Keeping them covered while the boat is not in use protects the seats from getting dirty and drying out. If the boat is used regularly, boat owners should clean the seats approximately every 6 weeks.

Step 1: Gather the supplies

Get together a bucket, warm water, gentle soap and a soft rag or sponge. Mix a 1/4 cup of soap to 1 gallon of water in the bucket. A cleanser specifically for cleaning vinyl can be used as well. Be sure to verify the label prior to using.

Step 2: Clean the seats

Using a soft rag or sponge, clean the seats with the water and soap solution or cleanser. Use a circular motion to scrub away the grime. A bristle brush can be used for stubborn stains.

Step 3: Rinse and dry the seats

Use fresh clean water and a clean rag or sponge to rinse the seats. Be sure to remove all the soap or cleanser residue. Use a soft towel to completely dry the seats.