How Do I Clean Tent Trailer Canvas?

According to the Jayco Journal, owners should use a mild detergent mixed with water to clean the exterior or vinyl side of the tent. Using brushes sometimes causes damage to the material, so soft cloths or sponges are a better option. Once the canvas is clean, this tent trailer manufacturer recommends rinsing and wiping down or allowing time for air drying.

Sometimes owners notice stubborn stains on the exterior that do not respond to the normal cleaning technique. In these instances, the Jayco Journal recommends the use of dry oxygen bleach dissolved in water or an all purpose cleaner designed for use on vinyl.

Inside the tent trailer, owners should take a different approach. Many minor stains brush away using a dry, soft brush. Clean tap water on a sponge is another option. For more difficult stains, a diluted oxygen bleach solution or detergent solution often work well.

Whether cleaning the inside or the outside of the canvas, it is essential to follow the manufacturers' directions for the cleaning products one selects. Products containing solvents, abrasives, citrus oils or chlorine bleach cause damage to the fabric of the tent trailer.

It is possible to avoid the formation of mildew stains on the tent trailer fabric by ensuring it is dry before folding it away. If air drying is not possible, use soft towels to dry the canvas.