How Do You Clean Spark Plugs?

How Do You Clean Spark Plugs?

To clean spark plugs, disconnect the cables, remove the spark plugs, scrub them with sandpaper and a wire brush, wipe them with solvent, reinsert them, and reattach the cables. This 45-minute process requires work gloves, a bench vise, sandpaper, a brush, a ratchet wrench, solvent and rags.

  1. Remove the spark plugs

    Put on work gloves, open the vehicle hood, and disconnect the spark plug cables. Use a ratchet wrench to remove the spark plugs.

  2. Brush and sand the spark plugs

    Place one spark plug in a bench vise. Scrub the spark plug with a wire brush and sandpaper until the plug is shiny and clean. Fold a piece of sandpaper in half, and use the edge to clean the electrode gap. Repeat with the other spark plugs.

  3. Apply solvent

    Open the nearby windows. Moisten a rag with solvent, and wipe the spark plugs. Work the solvent over the plugs until they are free of oil and fuel residue, then dry them with a clean cloth. Leave the solvent-soaked rag in a well-ventilated area until the solvent evaporates.

  4. Reinsert and reattach the spark plugs

    Reinsert the spark plugs, secure them with the ratchet wrench, and reconnect their cables. Close the vehicle hood.