How Do You Clean an RV Water Heater?


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According to RV Services Online, an RV water heater can be cleaned by running water into the tank and releasing the pressure inside the tank. Then one should spray it out to remove any remaining sediment.

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The first step in cleaning an RV water heater is to remove the electrodes, chimney and upper thermostat, also referred to as the brain. Next, turn the wall switch off and run the hot water faucet for approximately five minutes. It is important to be extra cautious when running the water, as it can be extremely hot.

After the hot water faucet has been turned off, turn off the water pump or hot water supply to the RV, and open the temperature and pressure valve to release pressure from the water tank. Once the pressure is released, the water and sediment should begin to drain. Spray the insides of the tank with a pressurized hose to ensure that all sediment is removed. The final step is to flush the tank for 30 minutes or until the water is clear.

It is important for RV owners to perform regular water heater maintenance due to the fact that sediment build-up in the water tank can lead to tank corrosion. Sediment forms when tank water sets after exposure to temperatures of 120 degrees Fahrenheit or higher over extended periods of time.

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