How Do I Clean an RV Awning?

clean-rv-awning Credit: Steve Shepard/E+/Getty Images

To clean an RV awning, use a cleaner that is designed for use on awnings. Difficult stains can be removed with a bleach solution. Cleaning the awning can be completed in under an hour, but it is necessary to allow the fabric to dry completely before placing it in the recommended travel position.

  1. Apply cleaner to the awning

    Using a commercial cleaner that is made specifically for awnings, spray the cleaner on the top and bottom of the awning. Stains, such as mold stains, can be treated with bleach if the awning is colorfast. Apply a few drops of a cleaning solution made with 1 cup of bleach and 4 cups of water to an inconspicuous area to determine whether the material is colorfast. If the color changes, do not use bleach.

  2. Roll the awning up

    After applying the cleaner, roll the awning up for at least 10 minutes to distribute the cleaner over the surface of the material.

  3. Rinse the awning

    Use a garden hose to rinse the awning thoroughly, and allow it to dry in a sunny location.

  4. Apply a mildew repellent spray

    Apply a product that is designed to prevent mildew on awnings. Allow the product to dry completely before placing the awning in travel position.