How Do You Clean an Oxygen Sensor?

To clean an oxygen sensor, lift the vehicle with a jack, and lubricate the sensor with oil. Use a wrench to remove the sensor, and soak the sensor in gasoline overnight. Dry the sensor, and reinstall it.

  1. Protect yourself, and raise the vehicle

    Put on safety goggles, and protect your hands with work gloves. Lift the vehicle with a jack, and hold the vehicle securely in place so the vehicle does not fall on you. Slide under the vehicle, and locate the oxygen sensor that need to be cleaned.

  2. Lubricate and remove the sensor

    Spray WD-40 oil on the sensor, and allow the oil to loosen and lubricate the sensor for 15 minutes. Once the sensor is loose, remove it from the car with a wrench. Spray more oil if the sensor is still hard to remove.

  3. Soak the sensor

    Fill the industrial container with gasoline, and completely immerse the oxygen sensor into the gasoline, taking caution not to spill gasoline onto your hands. Cover the container with lid, and spin the container to ensure that the gasoline reaches every part of the sensor. Put the container in a cool place, and let the container sit overnight to give gasoline enough time to work.

  4. Reagitate and reinstall the sensor

    Swirl the container again to allow the loose dirt fall off. Wear gloves, and remove the sensor from the container. Blot the sensor with a paper towel, and reinstall it in the vehicle.