How Do You Clean a Mass Air Flow Sensor?


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To clean a mass airflow sensor, remove it from the vehicle, submerge it in a plastic freezer bag filled with rubbing alcohol and shake the bag until the sensor is clean. This 30-minute procedure requires a flat head screwdriver, a plastic freezer bag, rubbing alcohol, latex gloves and a towel.

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  1. Remove the sensor

    Put on latex gloves, and use a flat head screwdriver to remove the mass airflow sensor from the vehicle. Do this slowly and carefully to avoid damaging the delicate wires surrounding it.

  2. Immerse the sensor in rubbing alcohol

    Place the sensor in a large plastic freezer bag, and pour rubbing alcohol on top of it until the sensor is submerged. Close the bag.

  3. Agitate the bag

    Grasp the top of the bag with one hand, and put the other on the bottom. Shake the bag vigorously. Check the sensor every 30 seconds, and stop agitating the bag when it appears clean.

  4. Remove the sensor from the alcohol bath

    Open the bag, and remove the sensor. Verify that it is totally clean, then seal the bag and discard it.

  5. Dry the sensor

    Set the sensor on a folded towel until it is completely dry. Do not put it back in your vehicle until all the rubbing alcohol evaporates.

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