How Do You Clean the Leather in a King Ranch Ford Truck?


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To clean the King Ranch leather in a Ford truck, wipe the seats with a damp cloth to remove dirt, use soapy water to remove stains, allow the leather to dry, and then condition the leather. Allow the conditioner to sit overnight, and then wipe away any excess conditioner.

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The items necessary to clean King Ranch leather include a cloth, bucket, soft brush, mild soap and leather conditioner. Sponges are also necessary. To begin cleaning the leather, remove the dirt and dust with either a brush or damp cloth. This helps to prevent normal dirt from building up and clogging the leather pores. Mix warm water and soap in a bucket, and then use the mixture and a soft brush to gently scrub away any stains.

Allow the leather to completely dry, and then apply the leather conditioner to the material with a sponge, allowing it to sit for about an hour. If there are areas that are dry, apply more conditioner. Allow the conditioner to sit overnight, and then take a clean sponge and remove any excess conditioner. If the seats are not supple and soft, apply more conditioner.

King Ranch recommends the King Ranch leather conditioner for all the company's product, as the higher the conditioner quality, the better it preserves the material. Also, before using a leather conditioner, test it on an inconspicuous area before applying it to the entire seat.

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