How Do You Clean the Interior of a Car?


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According to “Auto Repair for Dummies, 2nd Edition,” cleaning the interior of a car should generally begin by vacuuming the seats, taking the floor mats out and cleaning them and vacuuming the carpet underneath. Next, surfaces should be dusted such as the dashboard. Cotton swabs or toothbrushes can help to clean small spaces such as vents.

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The same aerosol multipurpose dusters used for electronics are also effective for expelling dust from car's nooks and crannies. Cleaning a car interior is much like cleaning the inside of a house, down to the same products for car fabrics that are used for couches, rugs and the like.

Water and mild soap usually work well for a car's interior surfaces and vinyl seats. Damp rags are more effective than sponges. For leather seats, saddle soap or high-caliber cleansers work best. When cleaning a car’s interior, avoid paper products and dry rags for the coverings on the instrument panel gauges as they may lead to scratching. Also, because too much moisture can hurt electronics, it is important to use water sparingly.

Keep a car's interior in good condition by parking in different spots and at different angles. This prevents the sun from repeatedly affecting the same places in the vehicle.

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