How Do You Clean Headlights?

How Do You Clean Headlights?

Clean automobile headlights using a kit from the automotive parts store. Use the abrasive to remove the clouding and yellowing of the plastic lens due to sunlight. Polish the scratches from the lens and apply the protective sealer.

  1. Prepare the lens

    Use soap and water to wash the lens and remove any grime before beginning the process. Apply black electrical tape around the lens to mask and protect the finish on surrounding surfaces. Attach newspaper to the tape for additional masking.

  2. Remove clouding

    Ultraviolet light causes the polycarbonate to become cloudy and yellow over time. Follow the kit manufacturer's instruction to apply the abrasive material to remove the damage. Some kits use fine sandpaper as the abrasive and others use a liquid to remove damaged materials.

  3. Polish the lens

    Use the polish included in the kit to remove any scratches left from the sandpaper step. If the kit includes a polishing wheel, use it to speed the process.

  4. Apply the UV sealer

    After restoring the lens to a pristine condition, apply the sealer. Less expensive kits often do not include a sealer; however, the product restores the protection removed from the lens during the abrasive step and reduces chances of future UV damage.

  5. Remove the tape

    Finish the project by removing the electrical tape and newspaper.