How Do You Clean a Headlight Lens?

How Do You Clean a Headlight Lens?

To clean a headlight lens, remove the headlights, sand the lens, apply polish and UV sealant, replace your headlights and properly align them. Three microfiber cloths, glass cleaner or soap and water, sandpaper, lens polish, UV sealant, chalk and a screwdriver are needed for the task.

  1. Remove the headlights

    Open the hood of your car, unscrew the headlights from their supports and then remove them from the car.

  2. Prepare the headlight for cleaning

    Wash the headlight with soap and water or glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth until all dirt is completely cleaned off.

  3. Sand the lens

    Sand the headlight until all yellowing has been removed. The entire headlight should have a rough, dull surface.

  4. Polish the headlight

    Using a clean, dry microfiber cloth, apply polish to the headlight. When you finish, all sandpaper scratches should be removed, and the headlight should be clear.

  5. Apply UV sealant

    With your last microfiber cloth, apply UV sealant to the headlight.

  6. Replace and align headlights

    Screw the headlights back into their supports. While on a level surface, park the car a few inches from a wall or garage door. Mark where the lights fall with a piece of chalk. Back up 25 feet, or about two car lengths. If the lights do not fall within a few inches of the chalk marking, readjust them. One screw controls the up and down alignment, while another controls the left and right alignment.