How Do You Clean a Gas Tank?

To clean a gas tank, set an approved gas container on the ground, assemble a siphon, insert one end of the hose into the gas tank and one in the gas container, pump the siphon handle, and withdraw the hose. This 10-minute procedure requires a gas container, a screwdriver and a manual siphon.

  1. Prepare the equipment

    Place an approved gas canister on the ground next to the vehicle, directly below the fuel tank. Remove the top of the canister.

  2. Assemble a siphon

    Assemble a manual siphon according to the manufacturer's directions.

  3. Insert the hose

    Open the fuel door, unscrew the gas cap, and feed one end of the siphon hose into the gas tank. Insert all but 2 feet of the hose into the tank. Insert the other end of the hose into the gas canister.

  4. Activate the siphon

    Pump the siphon handle several times until the gas starts to flow from the vehicle into the gas canister.

  5. Remove the hose

    Gently pull the hose out of the vehicle. If you encounter resistance, insert the tip of a screwdriver into the gas tank, and use it to hold the tiny metal entry flap away from the hose. Pull out the hose, and then remove the screwdriver. Close the gas cap, and shut the fuel door.