How Do You Clean Fuel Injectors?

To clean fuel injectors, disconnect the fuel pump, connect it to the gas tank, disengage the pressure regulator, connect and open the cleaning kit, run the engine, disconnect the kit, and reconnect the fuel pump. This one-hour procedure requires a fuel injector cleaning kit, rubber tubing, the vehicle manual and the vehicle key.

  1. Disconnect the fuel pump

    Consult the vehicle manual for information about how to disconnect the fuel pump from the fuel injectors. This process varies depending on the make and model of the vehicle. Open the vehicle hood, disconnect the fuel pump, and run a rubber tube between the pump and the gas tank.

  2. Disable the pressure regulator

    Disable the fuel pressure regulator.

  3. Connect the cleaning kit

    Insert the cleaning kit nozzle into the fuel rail port, and open the gas tank.

  4. Pressurize the cleaning solution

    Refer to the manual to determine the vehicle's recommended fuel pressure. Open the cleaning kit valve until the pressure reading conforms to the recommendation in the manual.

  5. Start the engine

    Insert the key in the ignition, and start the engine. Wait for it to stop running, then turn off the ignition and remove the key.

  6. Disconnect the cleaning kit

    Disconnect the cleaning kit. Reconnect the pressure regulator, remove the tube connecting the fuel pump to the gas tank, close the gas cap and reconnect the fuel pump to the injectors.

  7. Listen to the injectors

    Start the engine and listen for loud or abnormal engine noise. Drive the vehicle a short distance, paying attention to the sound of the engine and the quality of acceleration. If you hear abnormal noises or experience difficulty on the road, consult a professional mechanic.