How do you clean an engine?


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To clean an engine, protect all electrical connections with plastic wrap and then spray the engine with a degreasing solvent. Mist the engine with water to finish. You need plastic wrap, a drip pan, absorbent mats, a wire brush, a nylon brush, a foam or gel degreaser and a hose.

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  1. Cover electrical connections

    Cover electrical connections, coils and wires with plastic wrap.

  2. Lay a drip pan

    Lay an auto drip pan underneath the engine, and place a layer of absorbent mats on top of the pan.

  3. Warm up the engine

    Start the engine, and allow it to run for no longer than five minutes until it warms to a point where it is not too hot to touch.

  4. Brush metal components

    Use a wire brush to remove as much grease as possible on the metal components of the engine.

  5. Brush plastic components

    Scrub with a nylon brush in a soft manner to clean the plastic parts of the engine.

  6. Spray degreaser on the engine

    Spray a solvent or water-based degreaser with a foam or gel consistency over the engine.

  7. Spray the engine with water

    Spray a light mist of water over the engine to finish the cleaning process.

  8. Remove plastic wrap

    Remove the plastic wrap from the engine.

  9. Dispose of absorbent mats

    Dispose of the soaked drip pan and absorbent mats properly.

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