How do you clean diesel fuel injectors?


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Clean diesel fuel injectors by pulling out the injectors from the vehicle and manually removing dirt and deposits or by soaking the injectors with a pressurized cleaning solvent while the engine is running. The former option is more complicated and labor-intensive compared to the latter method.

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Dirty diesel fuel injectors trigger a host of engine troubles due to deposits that cling to the injectors, which may further lead to impaired performance and poor fuel efficiency over time. Unclogging diesel fuel injectors using a treatment product requires average mechanical skills and engine know-how.

  1. Turn off the engine
  2. Ensure that the engine is switched off prior to unlatching the car's hood to access the fuel injectors. Consult an appropriate repair manual or user guide if unable to locate the injectors.

  3. Attach a pressurized equipment to the injectors
  4. Connect a pressurized tool to the injectors to facilitate transmission of the cleaning solvent to the clogged injectors. Disconnect the fuel pump carefully and hook up a fuel line or install a U-tube device.

  5. Feed the solvent into the injectors
  6. Turn on the engine and thoroughly spray the chemical cleaner through the fuel line or U-tube. Shut off the engine. Secure the fuel pump and fuel line back to their original positions.

  7. Test the vehicle
  8. Restart the car and check for improvement in engine performance. Run through the entire process if the problem persists, otherwise, manually clean the fuel injectors.

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