How Do You Clean Chrome Wire Spoke Wheels?


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To clean chrome wire spoke wheels, spray them with pressure washer, wash them with mild soap followed by wire wheel cleaner, rinse and dry the wheels, and then polish them. Waxing the wheel spokes to cushion them from dirt completes this process.

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How Do You Clean Chrome Wire Spoke Wheels?
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Set the pressure washer at 1000 pounds per square inch, and spray the wheels with water to remove loose dirt, grime, rust and dust. Soak a cloth with a mild soap solution, and use the soaked cloth to wipe the wheels. Soak a wheel cleaner brush with the same solution, and use it to rub the wheels, working from the wheel exterior inwards and accessing the wheel spokes. To remove stubborn dirt particles, substitute the mild soap solution with a wire wheel cleaner, and repeat the process. Rinse off the cleaner residue with water, and dry the wheels with an air compressor.

Saturate a flat, unwaxed shoe lace with chrome wheel polish, wring out the excess, and wrap the spoke with the shoe lace. Repeat the process for the remaining spokes. Let the polish dry before wiping it off with a microfiber cloth. Finally, cut strips from an old T-shirt, and use them to apply car wax to the wheel spokes to create a slippery surface that keeps off dirt, and then wipe the surface with a microfiber cloth.

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