How Do You Clean Car Windows?

How Do You Clean Car Windows?

How Do You Clean Car Windows?

To clean car windows, use the appropriate cleaner and towels, park the vehicle in the shade, begin with the windshield, and work from the outside to the center. Keep window-cleaning towels separate from other car-detailing rags, and do not add fabric softener when washing them.

  1. Use the appropriate cleaning supplies

    Household window cleaners contain ammonia, detergents and alcohol, causing them to leave streaks. Some of these cleaners are not safe to use on tinted windows. A mixture of water and vinegar minimizes streaks and does not damage window tints. Towels should be lint-free and absorbent. Microfiber window-cleaning towels are a good choice.

  2. Park in the shade

    If you park in the sun, the glass gets too hot for effective cleaning. The window cleaner evaporates before you have a chance to wipe away the grime and polish the window.

  3. Begin with the windshield

    Wash the windshield first, followed by the rear window. Finish with the side windows.

  4. Wash from the outside to the center

    Apply the cleaning solution to the glass, not the towel. Beginning at the outside edge, work in an up-and-down motion across the windshield. Get a new towel when the glass is about half dry. Complete the drying process, and then buff the glass so it shines.