How Do You Clean Your Car Using a Self Car Wash?

How Do You Clean Your Car Using a Self Car Wash?

To clean your car at a do-it-yourself car wash, vacuum the interior, perform the pre-wash, clean the tires, soap the chassis, rinse the entire vehicle, drive out of the wash bay, and dry your car in the parking lot. This 35-minute procedure requires quarters, a garbage bag and towels.

  1. Prepare your vehicle

    Before you enter the wash bay, remove all trash from the car's interior. Stick the detritus in a garbage bag, and put it in the trunk if you cannot dispose of it at the car wash facility. If your car has removable floor pads, take them out, and shake them vigorously to remove dirt and debris. Stick them in your trunk.

  2. Vacuum the interior

    Open all of your car's doors, put quarters in the vacuum, and clean the interior of your vehicle. Replace the floor pads.

  3. Enter the wash bay

    Close your doors, and drive into the center of the wash bay.

  4. Perform the pre-wash

    Insert quarters into the wash bay console, and select the pre-wash function. Cover the chassis in pre-wash solution.

  5. Wash the tires

    Wash the tires while the pre-wash solution sits on the chassis.

  6. Soap the chassis

    Select the soaping function, and wash the chassis. Focus on the lower portion, which tends to be the dirtiest.

  7. Rinse the vehicle

    Use the rinse function on your entire vehicle, including the wheels and tires.

  8. Leave the wash bay to dry your vehicle

    Drive your car out of the wash bay, and move it to a spacious area of the parking lot. Turn the vehicle off, and buff it dry with towels.