How Do You Clean a Car's Rubber Trim?

How Do You Clean a Car's Rubber Trim?

To clean the rubber trim of a car, wash the four-wheeler, and wipe the trim to remove dirt. Then, rinse the vehicle with clean water, and let the trim dry. Use a solution for removing wax to take out built-up wax, and add a layer of rubber protectant.

Choose a dry and adequately ventilated place for cleaning a car's rubber trim. Use soap meant for car washing, water and a soft rag or sponge to wash the car. Wipe the trim with the soap and sponge or rag to remove the debris and dirt.

When rinsing the car, focus the water spray over the trim to remove the soap completely. To dry the trim, wipe it down with a dry towel or cloth. Alternatively, let it air dry.

If the trim has some white-colored spots on its surface, it indicates accumulation of wax. To remove it, apply a wax-removing solution as per the instructions of the solution manufacturer. Let the solution set. Then, remove it, and rinse the rubber trim with clean water.

The rubber protectant protects the rubber material from cracking under exposure to varying temperatures and ultraviolet rays. It also makes the rubber soft and shiny. To apply the protectant, rub it over the trim with a soft rag as per the instructions of the manufacturer. Reapply as instructed.