How Do You Clean Car Headlights?

How Do You Clean Car Headlights?

Cleaning headlights requires sanding, polishing and applying sealant to the lenses. Most modern headlights are made from a strong plastic polycarbonate that fades in time due to the sun's ultraviolet rays. Keeping the headlights clear is a maintenance procedure required to ensure a vehicle maintains optimal nighttime vision.

There are several gimmicks that offer temporary solutions to clean lenses. The proper way requires a deep cleaning of the headlight.

  1. Disconnect the battery
  2. Be sure to disconnect the battery to avoid any accidental shock.

  3. Remove the headlights
  4. Loosen the mounting screws from the headlight brackets and disconnect the bulbs. Remove the housings from the vehicle.

  5. Clean the headlights
  6. Thoroughly clean the headlights using a glass cleaner and rag. Clean any debris or dirt that can be scrubbed off.

  7. Sand the headlight
  8. Use sandpaper to scuff away the layer of haze formed on the housing. Sand until there is no more visible fog on the headlight.

  9. Polish the headlight
  10. Take polish and rub it thoroughly on the headlight. The polish will remove any of the scratches caused by the sanding.

  11. Apply sealant onto the lenses
  12. Once the polishing is completed the headlight will look new again. Apply a sealant to protect them from UV rays.

  13. Mount the headlights
  14. After applying the sealant, mount and adjust the headlights. Then, reconnect the battery and bulbs.