How Do You Clean a Car?


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To clean and detail a car like a professional, hand wash the car using cleaner specified for use on cars. Next, apply two coats of wax to ensure that the paint is fully protected. Clean the windows last with an ammonia-free glass cleaner.

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Additionally, car owners can use air compressors and stiff-bristle brushes to clean the car's carpets. An air compressor blows dirt out of the crevices and onto the carpets where it can be quickly and easily vacuumed. Use a small, portable compressor to blow dirt that has collected in the car's air ducts.

Clean the wheels with an acid-free tire cleaner and scrub them with a degreaser to keep them shiny and to prevent erosion. Clean the wheels before cleaning the exterior painted body of the car. Before washing, remove the old wax with paint-cleaning liquid or clay. Before waxing, polish the paint with an oscillating polishing machine. Touch up the wax coat regularly between washes.

Wax the car on a schedule. Waxing every few months or with each changing season helps protect the paint and leaves the car looking shiny and new. Once the windows have been cleaned, only Rain-X or a similar product should be applied to the windshield.

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