How Do You Clean Alloy Wheels?

How Do You Clean Alloy Wheels?

To clean alloy wheels, rinse them, apply alloy wheel cleaner, scrub the wheels, clean the lug nuts and wheel wells, and dry them. The supplies you need are a hose with a pressure nozzle, alloy wheel cleaner, scrub brushes, a lug nut brush, all-purpose automotive cleaner and a black towel.

  1. Rinse the wheels

    Rinse the wheels with a hose fitted with a pressure nozzle attachment.

  2. Apply alloy wheel cleaner

    Spray nonacidic alloy wheel cleaner over the first wheel to be cleaned.

  3. Scrub the wheel

    Use a soft, thin brush to work the cleaner into the wheel and the spokes. Apply additional cleaner to oil stains and stubborn grime deposits.

  4. Clean the lug nuts and wheel well

    Scrub the lug nuts with a lug nut brush. Spray general-purpose automotive cleaner into the wheel well, and clean it with a scrub brush. Use a stiffer brush than the one you used on the wheel.

  5. Rinse and dry the wheels

    Rinse the wheel and wheel well with pressurized water, and dry the wheel with a black microfiber towel. Do not leave any moisture on the metal, as this causes spots to appear. Verify that the wheel is completely dry, and then clean the remaining wheels one at a time.