What Are Some Classic Ford Car Models?


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Some classic Ford car models are the Ford Model A, Ford Model T, Ford Deluxe, Ford Crestliner and Ford Taunus Cabrio. Other classic Fords include the Ford Taunus, Ford Crestline, Ford Anglia 100E, Ford Anglia 105E and Ford Zodiac.

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The Ford Model A was the first car ever produced by Ford. It is a two-seater runabout, with a four-seat option, that contains a horizontal flat-2 engine. Although it was a risky development for Ford, its success allowed the car company to develop further.

The Ford Model T is the most iconic Ford model ever produced. It paved the way for the industrial production of automobiles. Because of the social impact it had on the United States and the auto industry, the Model T was named the car of the 20th century.

The Ford Deluxe was considered a transitional model, that was developed partially to be a competitor to the more luxurious Lincoln models being made at the time. Ford's next production, the 1949 Ford Crestliner, sported features previously unavailable on Fords, including a two-tone paint job. The Ford Taunus, first produced in 1950, made use of new technological updates of the time period, such as overhead engine valves, hydraulic brakes and MacPherson suspension struts.

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