What Is a Class C RV Motorhome?


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A Class C recreational vehicle, or RV, is a mid-range motorhome typically built on a van or truck chassis, with an attached cab that has a sleeping area over the top. Varying in length from around 23 to 33 feet, Class C floor plans normally include a small dining area, additional seating, kitchen and bathroom. Some models also feature one or more slide-outs and a separate rear bedroom, and can sleep up to nine people.

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The Class C RV motorhome falls between the smaller Class B camper van and the larger, more luxurious Class A that is built on a commercial truck or coach chassis. Some of the larger Class C models such as Jayco's top-of-the-range Seneca, which is built on a Freightliner M2 chassis, rival the Class A in terms of size and luxury. RV owners often prefer the Class C to the Class A because its sturdy cab with a steel cage and frontal crash area offers greater safety to the driver and passenger in a rollover situation.

One of the most popular Class C brands is Thor's entry-level Four Winds. Thor has pioneered a number of innovations, including the Rapid Camp touch-screen emote control system that enables owners to set up rapidly.

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