How Do You Get Class B CDL Training?


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You can complete a class B Commercial Driving License training program at a community college, a vocational school or any state-approved CDL training school. Some states provide a list of licensed CDL schools and training centers on their driver services websites.

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A class B commercial driver's license allows a driver to operate any vehicle that is over 26,000 pounds, including trailer trucks, school buses, delivery trucks and utility trucks. Most states require a CDL applicant to be at least 18 years old, with a valid noncommercial driver's license and a high school diploma. Depending on the training school, the applicant may also need to obtain a class B commercial learner's permit or undergo a physical and drug test. Obtaining a CLP may also require a written test.

A person must complete a certain number of training hours to become eligible for a CDL certification. For example, the state of Washington requires 48 hours of combined skills and knowledge training. Some schools, such as the Georgia Driving Academy, offer a one-week or 70-hour program that teaches applicants the important aspects of operating a motor coach or a straight truck. Other schools, including the Cuyahoga Community College in Ohio, offer a 120-hour training course that tackles all the Federal requirements and provide hours of on-the-road training.

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