What Are Some Chrysler Fault Codes?


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Some Chrysler on-board diagnostic fault codes include P1195, P1196 and P1197, which indicate a faulty oxygen sensor. Other common fault codes include P1484, indicating an overheated catalytic converter; P1299, indicating a vacuum leak; P1390, indicating that the timing belt has skipped at least one tooth; and P1682, indicating low charging system voltage.

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Other Chrysler-specific fault codes are P1298, signaling that the vehicle is not receiving enough fuel at wide open throttle; P1294, indicating that the vehicle hasn't reached its appropriate idle speed; P1280, indicating that the engine is below the acceptable temperature range; P1684, alerting the driver that the vehicle's battery has been disconnected within the last 50 times the vehicle has been started; and P1688 which signals a failure of the internal fuel injection pump controller.

The on-board diagnostic system generates fault codes to alert the vehicle's operator to problems with, or damage to, the vehicle's powertrain, emissions system and electrical systems. Fault codes cause the vehicle to activate the malfunction indicator light, or Check Engine light, which alerts the driver to the issue. Using an OBD II fault code scanner, it is possible to retrieve the fault code information from the on-board computer and read the problem in plain language. Fix the issues causing fault codes as soon as possible to prevent further damage and more serious issues with the vehicle.

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