How Do You Find a Chrysler Dealership in Canada?


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Click Locate a Retailer at the top of the Canadian Chrysler page to access the search tool. Enter a postal code or city and province combination, and click Go. Chrysler dealerships appear in both list and map form.

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The results page features a heading bar listing the number of retailers found within the search parameters. The bar also includes search fields allowing you to search with different search criteria. The search fields include a postal code, city and province, as well as the anticipated distance from the search location.

The list of Chrysler dealerships on the left of the screen includes the dealer's name, distance from the search location and current day's sales hours. The More Info link expands the information box with additional details, including an address, phone number and website. Links in the box include View All Dept. Hours, Driving Directions, Contact, Book a Test Drive and Request a Quote. The website URL also appears as a link. If you click the More Info link, the corresponding dealership appears highlighted on the map.

The map shows all dealerships in the results list with small bubbles indicating their locations. Click a bubble to expand the information box of that dealership. Clicking the bubble also brings up an information box for that dealership.

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