How Do You Find Chrome Rim Repair Shops?

How Do You Find Chrome Rim Repair Shops? lists a wide range of wheel repair shops across the United States, most of which repair chrome rims and some of which also offer mobile repair services. Click on a listed company for more information about its services and to follow any link to the company's website. Alternatively, RimGuard Extreme and Wheel-Tech Rim Repair Center are examples of companies that offer nationwide repair service for customers who can remove and ship their wheels to the center for repair.

In addition to offering a free return shipping service for customers, RimGuard Extreme also has a range of RGX Certified Service Partners across North and South Carolina and Virginia that can carry out wheel rim repairs. The company also has mobile units that can visit a customer's home or workplace to carry out repairs.

Wheel-Tech Rim Repair Center has one center in Highland Park, Illinois. The company website provides full instructions to customers who choose to remove and ship their wheels to the company for repair. Wheel-Tech explains in its online Frequently Asked Questions section that its techs cannot repair some wheel damage, such as certain types of cracks, on grounds of safety.

Techs can carry out some rim repairs while a customer waits; others can take from between one to three days to allow for additional finishes.