What Are Some Facts About Chris Craft Boats?

What Are Some Facts About Chris Craft Boats?

Chris-Craft boats come in four model choices as of 2015 -- Corsair, Launch, Catalina and Calypso -- and are available in closed bow, open bow and center console varieties. Chris-Craft, Inc. is a private manufacturer of recreational powerboats.

Chris-Craft, Inc.has 124 dealers in over 45 countries worldwide. Christopher Columbus Smith founded Chris-Craft Boats in the 19th century. The company was bought out several different times and went through name changes, finally becoming Chris-Craft, Inc. in 2001.

The Chris-Craft Corsair category consists of closed bow boats. Lengths of the Corsair boats range from 22 feet to 36 feet. All Corsair boats include inboard engines with stern drives. There is a 36-foot model with a hard top, and the series includes Corsair 28 and Corsair 32.

Launch boats are all open bow and range from 20 feet to 36 feet in length. These boats also have inboard engines and include models such as Launch 22 and Launch 36.

The boats in the Catalina category are center console varieties. They range from 23 feet to 34 feet in length and have T-tops for protection from the sun. Catalina boats have large fuel supplies, so they are often used by anglers to search for trophy fish.

The Calypso category contains one model called the Calypso 26. It measures 26 feet in length and has a v-hull bottom with a flared bow. Calypso 26 also features wood-free hull construction and stainless steel hardware.