How Do You Choose a Utility ATV?


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Three factors that need to be considered when choosing a utility ATV, or UTV, are the age and experience level of the rider, intended usage and engine size. Engine size can vary depending on the experience and expectation of a driver. A UTV will typically have engines that are larger than 250cc, as they are used more for labor and plowing.

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How Do You Choose a Utility ATV?
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The UTV is an easy machine to learn how to operate properly, but they are not suitable for rough trails or racing. While a typical UTV will have a larger engine than an ATV, they are designed to be used to generate more pushing and towing power rather than a burst of acceleration.

For inexperienced drivers, the UTV could also be used to practice riding an ATV. However, as the engine of a UTV is not built for ATV racing, the handling may not translate well. For drivers looking to purchase an ATV for recreational purposes, a model with an engine between 125cc and 250cc is a safer and more versatile option.

Some of the top manufacturers of ATVs include Honda, Polaris, Yamaha and Kawaski. All four manufacturers build ATVs of various engine sizes and offer different options for the prospective ATV or UTV buyer.

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