How Do You Choose a Used Truck at an Auction?

When purchasing a used truck at an auction, consider factors such as the vehicle history, what it is to be used for, and how it looks inside and out. This applies to online and local auctions.

When shopping for a truck at a local auction, you many only have a few minutes to determine if it is a good truck to bid on. In this case, rely on physical inspections. If the auctions allows buyers to walk up to the front and look at the truck, take advantage of this opportunity to conduct a careful visual examination. Look at the body of the truck to detect signs of recent repair work, such as paint overspray or sheet metal that isn’t smooth. Also, sniff the air around the truck for any signs of mildew.

Run the vehicle history if there is more time before bidding on a truck at a local or online auction. If at an online auction, this can be done from a mobile device. Get a detailed vehicle history report, and review all repairs. While checking the VIN number, compare the number inside the door to the number on the windshield, making sure they match.

If buying the used truck from an auction where the previous owner is present, ask the owner what the truck was used for most often. This might include commuting, long road trips or just weekend driving. It makes a big difference in the overall condition of the truck.