How Do You Choose Tires for a Nissan Murano?


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Selecting tires for a Nissan Murano involves determining the correct tire size for the vehicle in question and then selecting the best tire type for the budget and planned use of the vehicle. While many Murano drivers select all-season tires for convenience and overall performance, drivers planning to use the vehicle in snowy conditions should consider purchasing tires specialized for those applications.

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The Nissan Murano SUV most commonly comes standard with 20-inch wheels sporting 235/55R20 tires, though older vehicles may come with 18-inch wheels and 235/65R18 tires; however, this vehicle's wheel size can be as large as 22 inches with certain option packages. Depending on the wheel size, it may be difficult to find many alternative tires that fit correctly, especially as few tire manufacturers produce tires in the 235/55R20 size.

After determining the correct tire size, drivers must carefully consider the conditions under which they intend to use their vehicles when selecting an appropriate tire type. While all-season tires offer the convenience of not needing to be changed for summer or winter driving, drivers in wintry regions often benefit from the additional grip of dedicated winter tires on snowy roads. The Murano is not intended for high-speed driving and is unlikely to benefit from tires designed for performance vehicles.

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