How Do You Choose Tires for the Acura MDX?

Choose tires for the Acura MDX based on the car’s year of manufacture and whether it is the base or Super Handling-All Wheel Drive sub-model, according to Firestone Complete Auto Care. Check the temperature and traction scores on the tire’s sidewall, which determine the temperature resistance and ability to stop on wet surfaces.

Check the recommended tire size on the car’s manual if you purchase a used car, as the previous owner may not have installed the correct tires. Consider the tire’s load index, which denotes the maximum load-bearing capacity of the tire. Choose tires with a load index at least as high as the one indicated in your car owner’s manual, advises

The tire’s sidewall contains a Department of Transportation number indicating the week and year of the tire’s manufacture. Buy recently manufactured tires and avoid those that are a few years old, suggests

Select tires that match your desired driving experience, such as winter safety and maneuverability or relaxing precision, according to Michelin. Consult a certified specialist who facilitates the selection process and helps you make the right choice, advises Firestone Complete Auto Care. Choose tires with a speed rating that matches or exceeds your car owner’s manual rating, suggests