How Do You Choose a Small Camper for Two People?


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Choose a small camper or RV for two people by first getting familiar with the different types of campers available and weighing the pros and cons of each type. Then, select the desired features and find a camper with those features that falls within a predetermined price range.

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How Do You Choose a Small Camper for Two People?
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There are a few choices when it comes to small campers. Class B RVs are small and built on a van chassis. There are a few extensions added to it, and they usually have all the features of a large RV with less space. A class C camper is built on a truck or van chassis and has a much larger living compartment.

  1. Decide how much time will be spent in the camper
  2. Choose a smaller camper if most of the time will be spent outdoors.

  3. Select the features
  4. Decide what features are necessary. Choose useful features such as a power inverter, generator or awning.

  5. Determine a price range
  6. Because smaller does not necessarily mean less expensive, determine a price range and try to stay within a set spending limit.

When shopping for a used small camper or RV, be sure to inspect all aspects of the vehicle. Check the appliances, run the air conditioner and heater and note any specific items that need repair before making a purchasing decision.

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