How Do You Choose a Seat Using an A320 Seating Plan?


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To choose a seat using an A320 seating plan, view the available seats on the airline's seating map, and before clicking a seat, visit an airline comparison travel site such as SeatGuru.com or SeatMaestro.com to read feedback on individual seats from previous travelers. Seats located close to the restrooms and center seats are normally unpopular: most travelers prefer window or aisle seats or pay for an upgrade to seats with extra-legroom located in exit or bulkhead rows.

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SeatGuru.com and SeatMaestro.com use color-coding on their seating plans to indicate the merits of various seats. Green or blue indicates a good seat, and pink or yellow indicates a bad seat or a seat with potential issues. Hover over a seat on a SeatGuru.com seat map to view more information.

The best seats tend to be those with extra leg room in the exit or bulkhead rows of the economy plus section. The worst seats tend to be the final row, as they normally cannot recline, and their proximity to the toilets can be problematical due to unpleasant odors and passengers leaning on the aisle seats while waiting in line. Travelers who want to enjoy the view or have somewhere to lean against to sleep during the flight prefer window seats. Travelers who enjoy stretching their legs during a flight or who need to visit the restrooms regularly prefer aisle seats. Sites such as SeatPlans.com and ExpertFlyer.com offer advice on choosing seats.

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