How Do You Choose the Right Lug Nut or Wheel Lock for a Car Wheel?


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To choose the right lug nut or wheel lock for a car wheel, several dimensions and characteristics on the wheel studs and the lug nut itself must first be determined. These dimensions and characteristics include the thread size and pitch, the seat type of the lug nut and the dimensions of the lug nuts.

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The following are the basic steps in determining the right lug nut for a car wheel.

  1. Determine the thread size and pitch
  2. The thread size refers to the diameter of the stud, while the pitch refers to the number of threads per inch. This task can be accomplished with a thread pitch gauge.

  3. Determine the seat type for the lug nut
  4. The basic seat types for lug nuts are conical, spherical and flat.

  5. Determine the dimensions of the lug nut
  6. Lug nut dimensions include the outside diameter, overall length and shank length for Mag style locks.

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